Welcome to MI:5!

You George Eliotbefriended Bloom and Stephen in  Ulysses. You battled Napoleon and cheered Pierre through War and Peace. You were seriously creeped out by Flannery O’Connor, yet you plunged gamely ahead into the dreamy world of Proust.

Or…maybe  “Mission Impossible” is new to you, but you’ve heard how much fun it was from friends, or you’ve read about it in the EPL newsletter. Whether you’re a 4 time veteran or a “Mission Impossible” neophyte, welcome! We look forward to journeying with you through yet another challenging literary work.jules law

This time around, we’re tackling Middlemarch, George Eliot’s sprawling look at life in a provincial town. For our opening lecture, we are delighted to welcome Jules Law, professor of English and Comparative Literature at Northwestern, who will speak Wednesday September 10th at 7:00 pm.

As in past years, this will also be “p.e. sign up day”, when you’ll get a chance to register for the small group discussions which continue throughout the year.


This is an excellent time to be reading Middlemarch. Rebecca Mead’s literary memoir, My Life in Middlemarch, has been getting well-deserved attention,  and there have been several recent articles on what the book means for us today, (see the Resources section).

Annnndddd…by a wondrous coincidence, The Alumnae of Northwestern Continuing Education program is offering a Thursday afternoon class this summer on Middlemarch, taught by Professor Gary Saul Morson.

So get ready to join Dorothea, Lydgate and the rest of the gang as we begin our new mission…Middlemarch!



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